The Effects of Mutual Fund Attributes on Mutual Fund Performance

Document Type : Research Paper


Alzahra University


Mutual funds were first established in Iran in 2007 under Securities Market Act 2005 and have since grown significantly to one of the most important capital market intermediaries. Hence understanding and evaluating the performance of these funds are critical to both investors and fund managers. This research aims to examine the effects of various mutual fund attributes and characteristics, namely past performance, size, expenses ratio, turnover ratio, number of funds under fund manager’s management, and type of institution of fund founder, on their current performance. For this purpose, a sample of 43 equity mutual fund was chosen and relevant weekly data for the period of 22th June to 22th September 2013 was collected. The results show that only past performance and the type of institution of founder have an impact on the mutual fund's performance.


Main Subjects

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